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Capt. Z, I agree with your instructions to vrod, except that Ed's "normal" Magic Cables used a 10K resistor per channel, but in this thread from 2013 Ed recommended using a 600 ohm resistor per channel when used with the Crown XLS series of amps.

Vrod, measure the resistance of your Magic Cable(s). If they're approximately 600 ohms you don't have to do anything except hook them up off your main amp's speaker terminals, as Capt.Z suggested. If they measure closer to 10K ohms, you may want to either change the resistors to 600 ohm, or just build yourself a new set of Magic Cables.

Oh, and one more thing. If you're going to bridge your Crown to take advantage of the 1550 watts (and you really should!) your XLS-1502 is capable of bridged, then you're going to need a Y RCA (two female to one male) adapter. The Magic Cable male RCAs will plug into the adapter, and the adapter into Channel #1 of the Crown, then select Bridged mode from the main menu.

Here's a link to the Crown XLS owners manual, if you don't have it. Refer to page #7 for connecting a single sub (your Cube) in bridged mode.
General Discussion / Re: hooking up the crown amp to my cube base augmentor
« Last post by Capt. Z on February 27, 2021, 05:27:13 PM »
Yeap. If you have Ed's 'Magical' cable the bare wire goes at your amp speaker post out and the RCA connector into the Sub amp RCA input.
General Discussion / hooking up the crown amp to my cube base augmentor
« Last post by vrod on February 27, 2021, 02:58:12 AM »
I need help hooking up my George Wright EL 84 amp to the Crown XLS1502 amp. A while ago I received some cables from ED but I must have lost the instructions. They are RCA connectors on one side and bare wire on the other, however, the RCA connectors have a positive and a negative terminal. I assume the bare end connects to the output terminal of the tube amp. I am using the CUBE. I also set the previous amp ( the APA150 ) and calibrated the inaccurate control on the back using a Radio Shack Sound Level meter and set the crossover frequency around 60Hz. I got good base from the Cube to 35Hz with 6 decibel down at 30Hz. Below that not much is going on. My Horns are located on a corner for the left speaker and no corner for the right speaker.
General Discussion / Re: diversity......
« Last post by TEA FOR ONE on February 26, 2021, 01:41:27 AM »
No truer words have been spoken!  I'd vote for him for president of the USA. Oh,crap,he wasn't born here..... wait,I know there are ways around that one.
General Discussion / Re: diversity......
« Last post by sonic on February 24, 2021, 05:38:38 PM »
Saying what should be said. 

When or will the political section return to this forum?  ???
General Discussion / diversity......
« Last post by thehornshoppe on February 24, 2021, 04:49:53 PM »

my feelings exactly
General Discussion / Any New Speaker design in sight?
« Last post by Capt. Z on February 22, 2021, 09:32:41 PM »
Just wondering if there are any New Speaker designs in planning since the Heiled Horns.
General Discussion / Re: Crown xls
« Last post by Luddite on February 22, 2021, 04:47:02 PM »
Thank you Ed. My system is apart at the moment, while I take up the old wall-to-wall carpeting underneath it. When I hook everything back up, I'll try the Crown in "stereo" (as opposed to "bridged") and report back.
General Discussion / Registering on this forum
« Last post by thehornshoppe on February 16, 2021, 08:23:16 PM »
If you do not get approved pretty quickly please send me email and I will get it done.
General Discussion / Re: Crown xls
« Last post by thehornshoppe on February 13, 2021, 07:25:03 PM »
Hi guys, lately several fellows have had issues with Crown and sub hookup. All but one are using or tried a Pass amp of some type. On the Amp Camp mono's the black terminal is actually the “hot” and the red is the ground if it is built according to directions. This means a high level connection must be reversed......the resistor and center pin of the RCA must go to the black terminal and the barrel/shield of the RCA must go to the red. I do not know YET if the new amp in the one box is the same.

The odd thing is some of these issues only recently showed up. So here is what I think you all should do at this point.

I have always and still do think the high level connection is best. I also prefer the subs running mono regardless of how many so long as the summed and  bridged connection is working! Meaning a combination of parallel and series depending on how many to get a decent load and for the Crown that could actually be as low as 2 ohms.

Now that said, that is not what I am actually doing even though it works for me. All of you that are having trouble I think you should go to the line level connection and run the Crown in stereo.
I am using these.... go to ebay and put this in the search bar, RCA-Audio-Y-Splitter-Plug-Adapter-1-Male-to-2-Female-Gold-Plated-Connector/    A pic of mine are below.

If you have dual outs on The Truth you obviously do not need the splitters. Stick them into The Truth and run the RCA's to the main amp and to the Crown off of each one. Make sure the Crown is in stereo mode.

As you might have guessed you need 2 subs.........or at least another speaker to put a load on the channel, the level can always be set to zero or to match the FFRS Mark 4:20i or the Cube.....anything to put a load on both channels, it does not have to be equal or the same type of sub.

In my case I do not have a FFRS or a Cube (at this time) but rather 2 small sealed things. They are stacked on each other and they are running in stereo as described above.

I will experiment with summing the channels and running the Crown in mono but for now the above connections should work for anyone and will be ok.

Hope this helps.
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